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They became clearly less depressed than a control group that received only mild, presumably non-therapeutic heat.

One of the things I’ll reiterate is simply this: in that way.But who needed to be drugged when you could sit in a hot pool and then have a lovely lunch afterwards served in one of the hotel restaurants with a nice linen tablecloth, gleaming table silver, and the spa orchestra playing nearby on the local green.This, too, is effective antidepressant therapy, and it does not involve such side effects as losing your sex life, constipation, or blurred vision.So, I’m totally willing to join the chorus of dubiety about hyperthermia today, except that the historian in me says, wait a minute . He discussed how no adequate cause could reliably be found, although the patients attributed their illness to “some external influence or other.” He went on to describe how they would be sent as ‘neurasthenia’ cases to different asylums or watering places, and how “patients extol, with full conviction, the particular cure they were taking when the improvement occurred.” We have not seen a controlled trial of spa treatment, and the new report that you discuss is far from convincing. Hard to swim against the prevailing currents that have medicalized depression and encouraged pills as the number one treatment.In my book Prescriptions Without Pills I discuss additional newer treatments such as Emotion Code, EFT (acupoint tapping, emotional freedom technique), and a new technique we use in our offices for switching excessive energy from the right prefrontal lobe to the left.At the spas, there was lots of heat therapy: the warm springs fed hydrotherapy installations where you could soak for hours at a time. The attached blog piece contains a photo of a hot-box used in Janssen’s research.


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