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People are pissed, saying it’s tantamount to holding their photos for ransom, a form of extortion.

The key feature of a Photobucket account we're talking about here is called "3rd Party Hosting." It allows you to embed images from Photobucket in another location on the Internet, e.g. As Norvic Philatelics discovered, Photobucket changed its terms and conditions and removed the 3rd Party Hosting feature from the lower subscription tiers.It's also important to anyone who was an active Photobucket customer and is being faced with the prospect of losing their photos or having to cough up a ton of cash.But this change has also done something terrible for all of us, even people who never even had a Photobucket account: It’s completely broken the internet.People needed a place to host the budding memes like lolcats or Blingees!This was a brief moment of internet history, maybe only 2005–2009, before Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr homogenized the look and feel of the internet and eliminated the need for normal people to have a photo hosting site like Photobucket.Lialina points out that before Geo Cities finally died, there was a similar period where pages with hot-linked images hosted on Angelfire or Tripod (also dead) lost their images while the page itself still existed.


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