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After a conversation, he convinces Franklin to help him. After the sasquatch stops, Franklin shoots it, leading the creature to ask Franklin to shoot him again.

Becoming suspicious, Franklin pulls off the sasquatch's head, which turns out to be a mask worn by a man in a costume.

While you are running you will find several mountain lions who will try to maul you, and this is where you get the Hunter.

The Sasquatch tends to run the same path while the mountain lions tend to be in the same areas so it is a case of trial and error.

After talking to the hunter, go to the scat site and look for the big red dot somewhere in the forest.

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Eventually, he will go down (my Wounded stat was 37, almost all assault rifle).

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Keep after it and keep shooting it as much as you can, and eventually it will fall. After that, keep running after him and use the assault rifle.

This is easier said than done because you cannot auto aim onto the Sasquatch.


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