Fuck chat zone

And that means he can't trust the girls not to sabotage his marriage, even if they do say they accept him not getting a divorce.After having learned all this from my "boyfriend ", and seeing what a great guy he is, I obviously felt he deserved better.Except, of course, they also have to accept the fact that he won't divorce his wife.What makes him reluctant is the fact that he's American, because that makes him a prime marriage catch regardless of his age.His problem though is that his wife constantly does things designed to get him horny, and promises him sex, but never delivers.What I mean is that she will sit on his lap, whisper dirty things in his ear, and tell him how much she wants him to fuck her.

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He's more into the girlfriend or mistress type thing, something with actual feelings between them.Like she has a headache, her stomach hurts, she's too tired, or whatever other reason she can find.If it happened once or twice, it would be understandable.So, why doesn't he divorce her, or start cheating on her?It's because he's one of those truly nice guys, and doesn't want to hurt anyone, especially not his children.That problem is an almost complete lack of sex, because his wife isn't interested in it.


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