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Can not sort with "Grid View" when modifying "Query" with a "Link Button" outside of the "Grid View" I have a "Grid View" that displays results from a "Link Button" that modifys the query with a "Select Command" statement. The background attribute changes the input box area colour. The problem I am having is the "Grid View" will not sort the results when I click on a column heading, I get an empty "Grid View". NET 2 "File Upload" control (or html "file"-type input) I want to change the button on the control to be a specific colour i.e. I'm using this code and get the error below: Dont post ASP. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to email just the deltas. THis is merely what the error message is telling you. Value) Next Dim old As New String Builder() For Each df As Dictionary Entry In e. Append Line() Next For Each entry As Dictionary Entry In e. Hi, I have problem in gridview rowupdating, e.newvalues("fieldname") return oldvalues. Anyone can help me pls, thx in advance regards,forzadetailsview1 has 5 fields named Id, States, Page Title, Page Content, Is Active. Add("onclick","Validate()"); Christian Calderon Need to work in Classic ASP?

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Once or twice a day, I receive an e-mail message stating that such-and-such message could not be delivered to so-and-so. " Hi; I am to create a custom control having a Calender extender .. Add(Date Text Box) Dim Extcalender As New Calendar Extender Extcalender. Row Updating sqldatasource1.updatecommand = "update infopt_gstock set NPWP = '" & _ e.newvalues("NPWP") & "', " & _ "City='" & e.newvalues("City") & "' " & _ "where Nama_PT = '" & e.All the filed value are properly inserted in my MS SQL Server database. New Values["Page Title"] is not providing new value in 'onitemupdating' event. Can anyone say - how can I fix this problem and why e. "Gridview" and "Null Display Text" problems Hi guys My first post here, so be gentle I have create a Gridview and made a connection to a database. Attributes["onmouseover"] = "'hand';"; and hide cells Hi I have a problem with my gridview: What I want is a label which show a hide ID (datakey Names), when I select the row with a onmouseover and click a the row, instead of Master/Detail update problems: Setting Selected Index in "Master" Grid View doesn't force "Detail" controls to refresh I have a master grid which is populated with the results of a "Last Name" search. Add("onclick","return Validate()"); to make validations befor page is submited but it ignores validations and submites pages even if validation is not valid. remove the return Christian Calderon Need to work in Classic ASP? and what happens if there is a new controller named as homecontroller1. They specify a pattern such that the controller name Home will map to the class Home Controller. thanks a lot If you're asking how to map to a different default controller (for example, maybe you want to default to Foo Controller:: Index rather ...session.item("field Name") and session.original Item("field Name") Hi All, What is difference between session.item("field Name") and session.original Item("field Name") ? It can also be one that says it has been "blocked" from being sent, and when I look at the message itself, it is obviously spam. Here is my Create Child Control Method Protected Overrides Sub Create Child Controls() Dim sb As New String Builder Dim Date Text Box As New Text Box Date Text Box. Has someone gotten my e-mail address and is trying to send spam under my name?? If you don't use one of the Data Source controls, you are required to handle the Row Updating event.


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