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I recently purchased a 1965 H-45 on ebay and I am still awaiting it's arrival. if you check the 66' Hagstrom catalogue on the site, you will see the 4 Folk guitars listed with pictures: H-11, H-22, H-45, H-45e(This one has electronics) 2 great sites for you to check out: is were the serial numbers for bjarton made guitars are and also some interesting info) (another amazing site for info and pics and stuff) Hope this helps, Dave Rose Found this thread and thought I'd revive it.I just bought a vintage Hagstrom Swede, serial # 873164. I don't think the first two numbers represent the year because the vintage Swedes were not assembled after 1983.

The instrument features reproductions of John's signature and 5-colour self-portrait on a specially engraved white cover plate.

The Hagstrom features contribute to that distinct and unmatched sound, which has jumpstarted many careers around the world.

Now fasten your seatbelts and let us take you on a ride to explore the Hagstrom range.

M09011884Based on my experience decoding other guitar's serial numbers I am willing to say this is a 2009 model made in January and production # 1884.

hello, ik have an beautifull 12 string acoustic Hagstrom. The label inside says: Model: Western 12 (nothing more) And the serial number on the inside label says: 54194197 Who knows what this is?? Tnakx; Charles, The Neterlands Hello Jules, I am new to the forum and would sure appreciate it if you could tell me when my Swede was made. I had an original harp headstock one that had some problems with the neck (obviously wish I had kept it now). I recently got a really nice natural 70's Hagstrom Swede by the number 53 905 430.


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