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They too tend to live in denial when it comes to certain realities of urban living--and when they're inevitably forced to confront them it always seems to make the news: In an age when some of New York City's roughest areas have been "tamed," it's only natural that the young and creative should feel as though they have something of a "Midas Touch" when it comes to neighborhoods.As it turns out, that's not the case, for when a "psychedelic punk-rap" band rented a cheap apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant recently they were immediately robbed:“This is not the kind of neighborhood people like us move into,” said Zayd Brewer, known to friends as Spaceman, the 19-year-old lead singer of the band. ‘We can defend ourselves.’ ”The story of what happened in that apartment on a corner of Bedford-Stuyvesant on the morning of June 13 is a cautionary tale about too-good-to-be-true dwellings in unfamiliar neighborhoods, and a reminder that not all of Brooklyn is a red carpet for the young and aspiring.This may also be something of a generational shift, especially when you consider that the band itself is actually bragging about it: I remember when rappers used to brag about robbing people. It was taken by a "bystander," who clearly attended the Andrew Downs School of Passive-Assertiveness Training. Learn more About Me Connect with Sargeras via: E-mail RSS Facebook Profile Follow this blog on Facebook TNwiki Notable Posts The original Scourge Chat Log Scourge Chat Log #2 Scourge Chat Log #3 Sargeras Theme Song! After-Sales For After-Sale issues such as defective/missing/wrong products, product operation issues, tracking a parcel or checking order status, please feel free to submit the request Pre-Sales Live chat customer services team-Available for Pre-Sale questions.Last week on this blog, there was much discussion in the comments regarding the subject of h-e-l-m-e-t-s.And of course millions of people buy gigantic "safe" automobiles and just drive through the fucking thing while jockeying their smartphones, with two or three cyclists pinned to their bumpers.

Speaking of rarefied ideals, these are also the hallmarks of that other incendiary "h" word, by which I mean h-i-p-s-t-e-r-s.

In the past few years, this little-researched remedy has therefore garnered attention and acclaim from M. Glancing at some of the first items that pop up on a Google search, it seems oil of oregano can be used to treat just about anything.

Yeast infections, foot fungi, respiratory infections, inflammation, MRSA, Listeria, cancer — testimonials abound about the oil’s effectiveness against all kinds of pains and maladies.

She started cycling three years ago, taking her bicycle from the Metro-North station on 125th Street in Harlem to her job at Barnard College.

In that time, she has been nearly hit by a bus, ticketed for riding on an empty sidewalk on Amsterdam Avenue when she felt overwhelmed by the trucks and endured shouts from “daredevil” messengers.


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