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So I started asking around to some friends, and I asked this technical producer guy what equipment I should buy on Amazon. Over the years, as there have been divorces and career changes, for some reason out of that original group, he and I have remained in touch. Chris and I aren’t in the tabloids too much, but it feels like I have more control over my story. Just yesterday, I was thinking I wonder why I talk about my age so much? And then it started making me crazy, and then I started getting mad at myself for getting crazy about it. Have any of your friends asked to be on the show yet?

And I just started recording my friends when they would come over. We would love to at some point, but we want to know a little bit more what we’re doing first. He’s an independent film producer and we collaborated together on a couple of things. So then I thought, “Well, there’s nothing I can do to turn back the clock, so how can I be proactive about this? What has been one of your favorite moments on the show? ”I will say, you do love to throw in a vagina joke often. That sort of stems from this studio executive I worked with. There are definitely people that I’ve had to nag and beg to come on my show. She immediately said yes, which I was blown away by. I have to ask: Did you know Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were dating when you interviewed them?

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What would you have done differently than the players of Level 2?

We called the actress while she was on vacation with her husband, Chris Pratt, and talked about the genesis of her podcast, her dream celebrity guests, and why she can’t help but crack a vagina joke.. I like learning about other people’s lives, listening to other people’s problems. I’m sure being a successful actress in Hollywood facilitates getting famous guests on the show too. Now I’ll grab Chris’s phone and ask if I can annoy his friends.

I became a huge podcast fan—an obsessive one, as my poor husband discovered. There are times when he’s like, “I can’t believe you said that.” But he’s been awesome about it.

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