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Initially these were fixed to three fragments per story and I expected everyone to write at the same time and in the end the story will come together, but later this was changed to the round robin style with 4 - 8 fragments per story as it proved to be more fun with early user testing.

A few days later, I had Story Bot v0 deployed on AWS with a letsencrypt SSL ready for testing.

lego building instruction); Chow Roullete, a bot which would randomly order a meal for you (yes it’s ordering food, but in a silly fun way); Story Bot, a bot which is a modification of a story writing app I wanted to make a year ago similiar to the ice breaker where you take turns saying a word to form a sentence.

All of these ideas were chosen in the hopes they would complement the bot platform restrictions.

“Science has proven that there is indeed an afterlife. It only lasts for 43 minutes” Taking a quick gander at company listings we see a pretty distinct breakdown in chat bot companies falling into one of the following buckets: AI virtual assistants (scheduling meetings, ordering food, etc), customer support, and platforms to make and manage bots.

Before we jump into it, here are a few of my favorite stories written using Story Bot 1. “After hearing the story of David and Goliath the giants start to develop ways to protect their eyes” 5.Both looked good and well documented, but what sealed the deal for me was Facebook Messenger’s minimalistic UI support - buttons, pictures, cards.These rendered pretty well on the apps and the website and eliminated the need for me to do any fancy text parsing.If I open up an app store for a platform and just see Virtual Assistant A through Z, then that is a pretty sick ecosystem (in a bad way).Given my finite time commitment, about a month, I figured I should go completely rogue and try something new.As as player, you have no direct means of communicating with the other person and are also provided with a writing prompt should you choose to follow it.


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