Help disabled people dating tweet

And for the purpose of openness, users can also choose to include "cure availability" details.Co-founders Kalyani Khona and Shankar Srinivasan launched the pilot in January last year, developing the app with a visually impaired programmer, before creating an offline platform called 'Social Spaces' that allowed people with and without disabilities to meet in person accessible locations throughout India.SBS spoke with Carly Findlay, an Australian writer, speaker and proud disabled woman who spent many years on dating sites and shares Karthik's sentiments."In India, disability is seen differently to in Australia," Findlay tells SBS."Disability is diverse, and the hierarchy of disability might mean that someone with one type of disability might discard the opportunity to date a person with another type." In an article for SBS published in January this year, Findlay also alluded to the difficulties faced by people with a disability, looking to find love: "just like unconscious bias comes into play when hiring an employee, it comes into play when dating".Another day scrolling through social media, and it’s the same stream as always: posts about horrible rush hour traffic, pictures of cute pugs, twelve dozen memes about politics...Meanwhile, only seven per cent of female survey participants and 15 per cent of men said they would marry someone with physical disability.

Findlay says this is disappointing as is the assumption that people with disabilities only want to go out with other people who have a disability.

I want to be beautiful and feel fabulous in my body too—whether I have my cane or not.

I want to be able to go to a makeup store and not feel as if I’m running in there to be fixed.

Instead of acknowledging the universal need of humans to love and be loved, in stories like these, people with disabilities aren’t depicted as loveable and deserving humans in our own right. Back in those days, I had diagnoses but no support.

Instead, they reward an able-bodied person for daring to love someone who uses a cane. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have ever made a statement like that. I was scared to reach out because of the stigmas I faced.


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