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It is dedicated to hermaphrodite ('herm') characters, and (along with the West Corner of The Park and The Purple Nurple) one of the few areas where one can expect occupancy 24 hours a day.

The Haven was created by Tulip, but is now administrated by Shadow.

The members-only portion of the club is not completely defined, but certain features are explicitly stated.

Past the double doors, the corridor makes a dogleg to the right; this is specifically identified in the story as being done to prevent anyone in the lobby being able to see into the club interior when the doors are open.

Most of this article refers to the entity on Furry MUCK, though public areas with the same name exist in many other places.

The variant on Tapestries is owned by Dragon Fire; the Hermaphrodite Haven on Sociopolitical Ramifications is owned by Jan Jan, the Herm HQ (often dubbed Hermaphrodite Haven) also exists on Second Life.

The central area of the Haven is actually the 'foyer' to the Haven; most of the Haven's social activities take place there.Other rooms of note are the library, which contains an automatic yiffing machine and the entrance to the Non-consensual area "The Greenhouse".The truth and dare room contains a spinning bottle script and a bell to summon those who have signed up for the truth and dare games that take place in the room.This attitude is seen as both a positive and negative aspect: it enforces the liberal attitude furs take towards IC behavior (as opposed to RL), while critics of furry fandom and yiffy behavior single out the Herm Haven as a prime example of "what is wrong with the fandom." Like the Hermaphrodite Haven on Furry MUCK, the Hermaphrodite Haven on Tapestries (usually referred to as Herm Haven) is one of the busiest social areas.It is dedicated to hermaphrodite ('herm') characters. We don't tolerate any slurs in this room (tranny, shemale, hermaphrodite etc.) and you will only be given one warning before you are blocked from the room. If you have any further questions about our conditions, tip 50 tokens and we will private message you with answers upon request.


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