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"Intelligent people are more likely to trust others, while those who score lower on measures of intelligence are less likely to do so," reports a just-released study from Oxford University.And, the trait might even have health benefits, since "the sensation of being duped" forces "a kind of self-awareness" that can encourage other healthy behaviors.Were you annoyed as a kid, when your parents told you to clean your room, sent you to bed early and scolded you for cursing? Studies suggest, that it can be linked to an increase of your IQ.You always hear, that people who swear have a “limited vocabulary”.

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Rising above instincts is advantageous, they said in a statement, because it helps people to solve problems.“If religion is an evolved domain then it is an instinct, and intelligence — in rationally solving problems — can be understood as involving overcoming instinct and being intellectually curious and thus open to non-instinctive possibilities,” explained Mr According to the 2013 review, the more intelligent a child is — even during early years — the more likely it is to turn away from religion.To me, gullible meant ditzy—stupid—and I didn't like that implication. I'm one of you; you can trust me.) Of course, gullibility is a slippery quality to measure and study.But should I really have had such a negative reaction? As recent research shows, being gullible is tethered to a whole host of good things—including above-average intelligence. If I told you Lady Gaga would replace Barack Obama as the next President of the United States and you believed it, it'd be a different thing than if I told you she flashed her boobs to concert goers on Sunday night and you believed it (she didn't, but she did moon them).It sounds like a very mean and undemocratic thought, trading off the peculiar glamour that isolation has in a Romantic culture – in order to gain an oblique sense of superiority and perhaps pass off an absence of social skills as a virtue.It is important, therefore, to be clear what is meant here by intelligence.If you tend to go to sleep rather late, you're definitely in good company. Look, if you also tend to leave a bit of a mess behind, there's good news for you.


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