Invalidating query cache

An IEEE 1394 driver uses the IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL IRP, with Io Control Code IOCTL_1394_CLASS, to communicate with the bus driver.

The driver has access to all operations provided by the IEEE 1394 bus and its host controller through this request.

The optical drive performs the OPC procedure to determine the optimum power of the laser during write.

The procedure is necessary to ensure quality, but it wears out the media and should not be performed too often.

The IOCTL_AVC_BUS_RESET I/O control code allows the caller to complete any previous IOCTL_AVC_UPDATE_VIRTUAL_SUBUNIT_INFO and IOCTL_AVC_REMOVE_VIRTUAL_SUBUNIT_INFO control requests that did not use the AVC_SUBUNIT_ADDR_TRIGGERBUSRESET flag.

It is available to user mode as well as kernel-mode components through the IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL dispatch.

A driver should call Io Build Device Io Control Requestand pass the following input and output parameters to build this request.

If the media is not a CD-ROM and does not support a TOC, this IOCTL returns information similar to that of a CD-ROM TOC.Returns Region Playback Control (RPC) information for a DVD device, such as whether the player supports the RPC2 standard, the current region code of the player, and the remaining number of times the player's region code can be changed by the user.This IOCTL also indicates the region code of the currently mounted disc. The IOCTL_DVD_READ_KEYoperation should be used to obtain only the device region code.Every time that the storage stack rejects the IOCTL with an error message that indicates that the buffer was too small, the caller should double the buffer size.Queries the device for the first complete session number, the last complete session number, and the last complete session starting address.After this call completes successfully, the profile driver can advertise that a service is available on the local computer.


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