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There’s no death certificate or post mortem report corresponding to the incident, there’s no eyewitness evidence, nor any police report.In fact, Mc Cartney was on holiday with his girlfriend on the date of his supposed demise.In other variations of the tale the lookalike was named William Shears Campbell, Billy for short (The leader of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – a new band “but an act you’ve known for all these years” was one Billy Shears.) Others claimed Paul’s death explained why the band stopped touring in 1966, as well as started growing beards, making it easier to disguise the necessary plastic surgery an imposter would have needed, right…?The rumour had been swirling about for a while but it took off on October 12, 1969 when listeners of Russ Gibb’s show on Detroit’s WKNR-FM radio station heard a caller named Tom expounding his belief that Mc Cartney was dead and clues had been left by the remaining band members.

Mc Cartney had been involved in quite a serious motorcycle accident while at his parent’s house around Christmas 1965 cutting his upper lip and chipping his tooth.He said he thought the whole thing was “bloody stupid” and had maybe started because he hadn’t been in the Press for a while.A picture of Macca and his family made the front of the magazine with the headline “The Case of the Missing Beatle: Paul is Still With Us”.Mc Cartney has an open hand above his head – the sign of death in Far Eastern countries - and if you hold a mirror across the centre of the words “Lonely Hearts” on the bass drum in the middle of the scene this hidden message appears: “I ONE IX HE DIE”.“I ONE IX” is a reference to the date (11/9/66 – in American date settings) that “HE DIE”.Supposedly her name was Rita (In ' Lovely Rita' Mc Cartney sings “I took her home, I nearly made it.”) Once Rita realised who the driver was, she excitedly tried to hug him causing the crash.


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