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Da er das jedoch nicht wusste, habe er SMS des Anbieters ignoriert.

Die betrügerische Masche nennt sich „WAP-Billing“ und ist schon vielen Smartphone-Nutzern zum Verhängnis geworden.

He scooped it into a Tupperware container, and the caretaker of the house rushed him to the local Red Cross facility, where doctors immediately identified his attacker: a bark scorpion, Centruroides sculpturatus, one of the most venomous species in North America.

The fierce pain from a sting is typically followed by what feels like electric shocks racking the body. Luckily for Michael (who asked me not to give his full name), the bark scorpion is common in the area, and antivenom was readily available. For eight years Michael had endured a condition called ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic autoimmune disease of the skeleton, a sort of spinal arthritis. In the worst cases the spine may fuse, leaving the patient forever stooped and in anguish.

Dieser Fall zeigt exemplarisch wie nötig eine Willenserklärung des Nutzers zusätzlich zum Klick ist. Denn nur dann kann man davon ausgehen, daß der Nutzer wirklich weiß, daß er etwas bestellt.

Diese oben beschriebene Abzocke zielt allein darauf ab, schnelles Geld zu machen ohne eine adäquate Gegenleistung. Wenn ich nichts bestellt habe, zahle ich auch nicht.

He was on vacation with his family in Guerrero, Mexico, and it was hotter than blazes.

Tearing off his trunks, he leaped naked from the pool, his leg on fire.

Behind him a small, ugly, yellow creature was treading water.

He grabbed his swimming trunks from where they’d been drying on a chair, slid them on, and jumped into the pool.

Instead of cool relief, a burning pain ripped through the back of his thigh.


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