Kohen dating

Despite modern technological and medical advances, this law remains binding, in order to symbolically distinguish between the marriage relationship that was just terminated to the one about to be formed.A similar waiting period, for men and women, is mandated also by civil law in some parts of the Western non-Jewish world.

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In cases that are not clear-cut, the bet din will probably write a note, in its decision to the effect, “In the event that this woman decides to marry so and so in a religious ceremony, a hearing before bet din will first be necessary.” For assistance finding halachic solutions to marriages of kohen and a divorcee contact us at: 1-700-500-507.

In certain particularly extenuating circumstances, the bet din may permit a shorter waiting period, if a pregnancy test comes back negative.

If you either find out you are pregnant during this ‘waiting period’, knew you were pregnant already during the divorce process, or gave birth prior to your divorce and are still nursing, you are required to wait 24 months from the time of birth, before marrying another man who is not the child’s father.

If she did in fact marry another man, then she is forbidden in marriage to her first husband.

A kohen, who divorces his wife, will never be able to remarry, even if his wife doesn’t marry another man first, because of the prohibition, discussed above, regarding the marriage of a kohen and divorcee.


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