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Jeff Husbands was the very first guest on the show..episode was uploaded on Soundcloud on 10/29/2016.Jeff Husbands runs several very successful comedy shows and mics in Los Angeles.Let us know what you think of the show on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!YTunes Shuffle is getting nostalgic, all for your listening pleasure!We talked a lot about Boot Camp, dealing with PTSD, the growing pains of being different in school and in your early 20's and finally, a veteran's Point Of View on the Colin Kaepernick NFL kneeling issue.Maggi and David were so intrigued by his Heavy Metal Fave 5 and really learned a lot about what happens when a service member comes home with PTSD and discovering that being Different..a power!

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He talks about growing up in Gainesville, FL, the kind of person Gene Simmons REALLY is, and one celebrity he'd love to have lunch with.

Chris opens up about the biggest mistake he made at 23 years old and how to know just when you are "ready" to move to Los Angeles for comedy.

He is an army veteran and now works closely with Adam Barnhardt.

Nationally touring stand up comedian Chris Cope joins the show to share his Fave 5 songs.


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