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Hunting seasons were held annually from 1923-31, but with declining harvests.

Over the ensuing decades the elk herd in Pennsylvania also was attacked by various conditions, such as brain worm.

The shaky view, thanks to the rumbling traffic below, shows an empty man-made nest that served as the birthplace for three falcons in 2013: Skylar, Shea and Nina.

But the nest is vacant in the fall, when the birds fly to warmer places. "DEC provided the Thruway Authority with a window of Sept. 31 — when falcons are not nesting — to install the camera," said state Department of Conservation spokeswoman Wendy Rosenbach.

Throughout the 1980s, the entire elk herd in Pennsylvania was just 120-150 animals.

Annual mortality - elk killed by poachers, for crop damage, by dogs and cars - seemed to be offsetting reproductive gains.

According to the commission, the live stream will continue through the bugling season, which likely will continue into mid-October.That's important because the box for the endangered species has to be carefully relocated to the new Tappan Zee before the existing bridge is dismantled in 2017.Thruway officials have said the moving process will cost 0,000, an expense they recently tried to cover with money from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.She collaborated with biology professor Robert Silver, who wanted to set up a webcam to help study the birds. The website will run video and audio footage of the two hawk nests, both of which are on Lyman's north archway.Updates on the hawks can also be found on the Syracuse Hawk Chatters Facebook page, which was started last year.The bugling still sounds amazingly good through a computer speaker.


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