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This unified field differentiates into seven continuously transforming worlds in an inward-moving spiral of manifestation.Although the order of creation is somewhat different in macrobiotic cosmology than in Judaism, the elements are the same.

Dietary habits are a mix of Western cuisine, Middle Eastern fare and the indigenous dishes of a melting pot citizenry.Israeli interpretation and implementation of macrobiotics reflect that country's national character, as one would expect.The 5.3 million Jews, 81% of the 6.5 million people living in Israel, are the focus of this study.The macrobiotic model of a seven-unit spiral is a cherished concept in Judaism, which bases its calendar on the seven-day creation account, seven-day holidays (Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles, called Sukkoth), seven-week holidays (Pentecost, or Weeks, called Shevuot), and a seven-year growing cycle culminating in a Jubilee year after seven 7-year cycles.The Jewish creation account parallels macrobiotic understanding: There is One Infinity ("Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one").As a rule, Jewish Israelis place great value both on intellectual acumen and culinary pursuits, and enjoy a standard of living high enough to combine the two.


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