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Marco can’t get enough of Jalil’s hairy chest and he keeps on licking and kissing them passionately.Jalil takes Marco’s hard pulsating dick out of his pants and starts sucking it greedily.Preview video: Handsome stud Marco is taking a stroll through the city when an idea pops up in his mind: I want to have my portrait made for myself.The street artist makes a portrait of Marco but in that moment Marco realizes that he’s got no money in his trousers.He invites the artist, hot masculine stud Jalil Jafar to his room so he can pay for his services with something else.It turns out Jalil is quite happy with this form of payment and lets Marco explore his muscular perfect chest and big arms.Being on duty for so long and without a way to vent can be stressful so the two cops decide to have some fun together.

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