Markus frind how i started a dating empire adultphotodating com

I think our chances are pretty good 🙂 Will keep everyone up to date on the result. It sucks but we all know every ad has it’s day 😦 But what if you could flick a button and all of a sudden have that ad perform again immediately? This assumes that there will be similar #’s of people in each group, which I think is a reasonable assumption if you average it out.

For information on how POF got started, read this blog entry from Markus’s blog: How I started A Dating Empire Have a great weekend everyone! Split test 5 ads in the even group and split test 5 different ads in the odd group.

I think Markus is a genius, a nerd, a geek, a hacker himself, maybe not the best programmer but definitely one of the very few people in the history of the Internet to pull such feat all by himself.

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Markus blog post caused what seems to be now the worst PR nightmare any company could dream of.Occam tells us is more likely to be the latter assumption.Not only that, Markus has admitted that keeping pictures aspect ratio all wonky is great to increase ad revenue traffic as people are forced to click on the pictures to view them properly.Probably the reason is just one of the many reasons that has made POF as successful as it is today. Although many use the same password for all their accounts, there are also many people that use several passwords and have difficulty remembering them.Well, so if you forget your password it is way more likely that you will not log back in a website.Unfortunately, a great deal of people use the same password for many of their online accounts.


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