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Phyllis is way too important of a character to let her go away just because I'm leaving the show. Why is it so hard to accept that I just want to go?

And some think you're being punished for leaving, which is why Phyllis was put into a rather anticlimactic coma. You don't leave a show you love after 15 years because of one person, or two people. When I spoke to them about my decision to leave, I did say that I thought it would be a mistake to kill Phyllis. "If we say we're going to kill her, will that make you stay? I like that they have kept this role open and I totally support the idea of a recast. They've been very kind, and for the fans to think otherwise is just not right.

I don't feel comfortable divulging all of my many personal reasons for leaving the show, but I've been very honest with the people at and with the fans that there is no malice, no anger involved. People don't think someone who's been on a soap for 15 years can do comedy.

Soaps are a great job but you find so many soap actors turning into their characters. That's why jumping into this comedy web world is so exciting for me now.

Watch the episode on to find out the meaning behind his name, and how Stuart’s wife deals with his love scenes.

Original Story June 27: "General Hospital's" Michelle Stafford (Port Charles' Nina Reeves) has launched yet another side project, this one a podcast titled "Single Mom a Go-Go." The podcast launches tonight in a link to be shared on Stafford's twitter account.

“There were a lot of personal reasons that I just think are not important to share with the world.

Only my good friends should know.” in June, “We wish her the best, and hopefully, as I’ve told her… ” Stafford is expected to exit sometime next week with fans wondering about Phyllis’ fate after she took a tumble on last weeks episodes courtesy of Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), who is trying to keep her age-old secret – the one in which its revealed that she’s the one who changed the paternity results involving Summer Newman (Hunter King) and her two possible daddies Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

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I don’t say that as a criticism; as a producer, I’d do the same.I know about Thom Bierdz, Susan Flannery, Paul Anthony Stewart, Crystal Chappell (she's married to a man, but has said she's bi), Van Hansis, Cybill Sheppard's daughter (her name escapes...Before you accuse me of being a homophobe, I'm gay.“…the reason I say, ‘Never say never’ about other soaps is because soaps are great. No one tried to make me stay, but in their defense, I was pretty definite about going. And I did it so there wouldn’t be any drama, so that they knew I wasn’t going to play a negotiation game. I established long-lasting relationships with them. Updated March 21: James Patrick Stuart (Port Charles' Valentin Cassadine) is the latest "General Hospital" cast member to appear on Michelle Stafford's podcast.


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