Michigan divorce dating

The purpose of this web page is provide you with a general overview of Michigan divorce law and information regarding the Michigan divorce legal process, provided by Michigan divorce lawyers who represent either men or women.

As a Michigan divorce and family law office, practicing divorce and family law in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County Michigan, we understand that you may have many questions regarding divorce in Michigan.

Sometimes, the Plaintiff will also have ex parte (pronounced x-par-tay) orders entered by the Court along with the Complaint.

An ex parte order is an order that is signed by the judge without a hearing, based upon the allegations made in a written document, in this case, the Complaint.

In cases with minor children, if both parties agree, it may be possible to waive the last four (4) months of the 180 day waiting period.

It is up to the Judge in each case to determine whether or not a portion of the waiting period will be waived.


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