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His detail and lack of a filter can make Eminem a pretty terrifying rapper. Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson has easily become the most famous of the shock-rockers, who seem to only want to gain controversy through their actions. Manson has been constantly attacked by religious groups for his imagery and lyrics and he even had his music blamed for influencing the Columbine shootings.

While Manson has become less and less scary and controversial in the past years, there were few artists in the ‘90s as shocking as Marilyn Manson. Gorgoroth Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth allegedly got its start after guitarist made a deal with the devil.

With Halloween tonight, many people will be listening to novelty classics like “The Monster Mash” in order to get in the mood.

But there are some musicians that are truly scary—bands that could haunt your nightmares and bring horror to real life.

The band later went on to recreate the concert for their video “Carving a Giant.” 3. Allin was known for ending his shows covered in feces and blood, and spoke several times about how he planned on committing suicide on stage. Black Sabbath It may seems tame in retrospect, but Black Sabbath was one of the first bands to introduce the heavy use of occult and horror ideals into their lyrics.

After one performance, he walked naked and covered in said elements to ingest enough heroin that he died. At his open casket funeral, his will stated he didn’t want to be washed and friends could pose with him, while putting drugs and alcohol on his body. Sabbath also brought the world Ozzy Osbourne, who has also had his fair share of horrifying moments (bat decapitations anyone? Black Sabbath was a heavy influence for many of the bands on this list and that instantly makes them pretty terrifying. Mayhem Mayhem wins scariest band easily by truly living up to their name.

One of their music videos featured unsimulated sex acts with look-alikes of the band, and their performances at the Family Values Tour got them arrested.

Their use of flames on stage have led to many burning injuries, though lead singer Till Lindermann is now a licensed pyrotechnic. Aphex Twin Richard David James, known as Aphex Twin, has made himself one of the most terrifying icons of electronic music.

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Probably the less we know about this band, the better. Eminem Probably the first words you ever heard Eminemrap were “Hi kids, do you like violence?

The band’s many members all known by unusual names such as Oderus Urungus and Sleazy P. Their shows include mini-plays that include parodies of everyone from George W.

Bush and Lady Gagathat usually leaves the audience covered in fake blood and worse. Rammstein Germany’s Rammstein became a surprise hit in America with their song “Du Hast,” which translates to “you hate,” but the band has been even more controversial with their offensive videos and shows.

While we can’t really endorse much of the music on this list, here are the 13 most frightening bands and solo acts. KISS KISS may have turned into a novelty spectacle, selling out large arenas with their theatrics and rock and roll anthems.

But consider that a common occurrence at a KISS concert is having lead singer Gene Simmonsbreathe fire and spit blood. Slipknot Slipknot could cast their own horror movie.


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