Moving in after 6 months dating

I’ve now had three ‘real’ periods, one with a 26 day cycle and the other with a 30 day cycle…so they seem to be settling normally.

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And generally day to day I haven’t felt those physical symptoms of anxiety once in the three months I’ve been pill free, no matter how crazy busy or stressed I’ve been.I’d say they’re much more manageable actually, more of a “take two paracetamol and they’ll go away” headache rather than a “put me in a dark room and if all else fails behead me” type headache.THE ACTUAL PERIODS I stopped taking the pill at the end of a month’s strip, so I should have had a ‘breakthrough bleed’ (i.e fake period) within a few days of stopping. This was massively annoying as on one hand I became paranoid that my ovaries would never wake up and on the other hand I was constantly worrying that my period would start at the worst possible time.So in the spirit of that, I thought I better give a bit of an update on how I’m feeling three months down the line of having kicked my 10 year Microgynon habit.You might want to read that last post for more of the “why I’m quitting” reasoning and general pre-quitting MEGAFEAR.Now I feel like some sort of Superwoman who will get things done and not stand for any nonsense, it’s massively invigorating.


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