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In the past and most likely in the future, I will not agree or maybe even like the elected President.

However, I have always respected the office and have never used my position as a teacher to denigrate or belittle the President, regardless of his political ties.

The Metro was extremely efficient, crowds were large but the trains were not that much more crowded than on an average day.

The Security tents were the main sticking point for most people, taking over an hour, two in some cases.

Bush's first term finding justifications for the use of torture.

This Administration, using the false pretext of Weapon of Mass Destruction, lied us into a war that has, to date, killed over 100,000 civilians, over 1,300 American troops, and countless innocent by-standers, one of whom was a woman who had dedicated 30 years of her life to trying to help the Iraqi people.

I saw police from Dayton (Ohio), Minneapolis, Columbia (Missouri) and Miami.

The Miami cops made the front cover of the Post rolling around in the snow -- definetely not the type of weather they are used to at home.


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