Myths and facts about dating violence

Abusers are often apparently charming, generous and well-presented people who can hold positions of social standing.

Abuse is kept for those nearest to him or her, to the privacy of their own homes.

A lot of research is going into the link between drug or alcohol use and violence.

Alcohol and drug abuse are separate issues from abuse, though they may overlap. Most often it is part of an ongoing means of establishing and maintaining control over another person.

Once again, blaming chemical dependency for abuse is missing the point, the abuser is responsible for his actions. Abuse tends to increase both in velocity and extent over a period of time.

FACT: You may feel flattered if your boyfriend or girlfriend acts jealous or constantly texts you to see where you are and who you're with, but jealousy and possessiveness are not signs of love.

They're signs of insecurity, and a need to control you. A person who wants to have sex with you does not necessarily love you.


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