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Dill stands up for the importance of fatherhood, while happily admitting that he’s broken and that he tried to fix it. The crux of this sequence is when Hannah does finally talk with Paul-Louis, who takes a second to even remember who she is, then responds with a wave of gratitude that she isn’t asking him for anything. She’s joined by Dill, who tells her that they’re both dealing with the same shit, and they’re just “naked children.” This is hilarious from Dill, who’s wealthy, famous, and entirely capable of dealing with his own self-made mistakes, none of which are as life-altering as what Hannah’s contemplating.(He didn’t in buying that white baby, after all.) It’s a beautiful little scene, though: Hannah’s conversation with Paul-Louis went exactly as she predicted, and she sits through the whole thing without ever backtracking on what she wants from him. She’s desperately hoping that somehow he’s going to make this easier, or make her feel less lonely, or other than his cool, stunned, grateful distancing.

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