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A chatroom is an open environment where people can get together to talk to each other. If you do use chatrooms try to make sure that there is a moderator – this means that there is someone keeping an eye on what is being said and never forget the SMART rules These days you can chat with people in loads of different ways.

From your computer, your mobile, on webcam and from games consoles.

House Sittin' for Sandy / Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom166. The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom / Bubble Buddy Returns168.

At the end, the Narrator seems to have been telling the entire story, remarking that "they are all idiots, aren't they?

Krabs and Sponge Bob the review sheet, which reveals that the Krusty Krab passed the test earlier that morning and they all go to have Krabby Patties to celebrate.

The police begin savagely beating him, believing him to truly be a zombie, and after they figure out that he is, in fact, alive, the health inspector shows Mr.

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Be suspicious and always ask an adult if you’re not sure.

Only open emails from people you know and trust and remember to read the subject line carefully.

If the subject or the email itself doesn’t sound as if it is really from your friend DON’T open any attachments contained in the email – it might be a virus!

Sponge Bob is too shocked for words and becomes extremely nervous.

The police then suddenly arrive, offering to take them back to the Krusty Krab.


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