New regulations for government contractors updating subcontractor database

Expanding your business into the federal marketplace can be lucrative, and provide numerous networking and growth opportunities.

But be warned: Winning a federal contract also means complying with laws and regulations unique to those doing business with the government.

These provisions include requirements for: Introduction to the basics of defense contracting for small businesses.

The FAR applies to all agencies in the Executive Branch.

Not only does the FARSmarter Bids system drastically reduce the amount of time required to track down information (saving money in the process), but it also helps you find additional resources to help you bid on contracts.

FARSmarter Bids provides access to many custom databases: In order to make headway (and profit) in today's contracting environment, it's crucial to use the most efficient tools and resources possible, so that the proper information is at your fingertips instead of buried in a government document. Back to top of page Our service and memberships are primarily designed for current and aspiring U. As the largest buyer in the world, the United States government is has plenty of business to go around!

It is our goal to make this information as accessible as possible, to speed up your bidding process and improve your bids. This site is designed to give such contracting companies the information they need to bid smarter, in order to begin, expand, and improve their contracting business.

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We feel that greater small business competition will improve our economy, support innovation, help our troops, and bring down costs for taxpayers. Our databases of regulations, clauses, and standards give medium and large companies the chance to respond to multiple solicitations quickly and more efficiently.

Government contracts are different from commercial contracts in many important ways.

Federal contracts contain or reference many provisions unique to the government.

Our Departmental Resources library contains information that applies to anyone and can be used to expand current bidding initiatives and improve current processes.

Time is money, no matter how large or small your company is.


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