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It was prom night and they were all dressed and ready. It wrapped around her back and hung loosely on her arms and left her shoulders bare.The entire dress was sheer so you could see right through to Lauren's olive colored skin.Rachel had been to several parties where she was date raped, and Elizabeth had several videos online of her getting fucked at other parties.But more than anything they were getting all kinds of invites from guys for graduation parties, prom pre- and post-games, and above all else beach weeks. Except when their dates went to buy their tickets the seller wouldn't give any to them.The dress reached down low to her feet, with a slit down her left side so her leg was completely bare.The dress hugged her waist and front, leaving little to the imagination.The Vice Principle, who was in charge of the dance had been withholding tickets to certain girls and only giving them out for certain favors.Two of the girls friends had already given him blowjobs, and they knew of at least one virgin he had coerced into fucking anally just so she could go to prom with her four year boyfriend.

The lace just covered her nipples but left her entire cleavage, side, and under-boob showing.He fucked her harder and harder until her building groans grew to moans and soon screams.He covered her mouth before she made too much noise. " He filled her ass before moving her panties and dress back over.Rachel was going with Jack, Sarah was going with a boy named Samir, Lauren's date's name was Henry and Elizabeth was going with someone named Riley.As the girls' reputation grew they were getting more and more invites to parties and trips.He took several photos and videos of Lauren, which he shared with his friends without asking her.


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