Paleographic dating

The oldest copy has been scientifically dated to 125 BCE using carbon dating techniques.Since it is a copy, the original was written long before 125 BCE.However, events foretold to happen that occur after 165 BCE are truly prophetic.Objective evidence to confirm each event is all that is required.In support of the carbon dating done by independent labs, the Israel Antiquities Authority stated in a news release that "Some of the papyrus samples bear exact written dates within the text itself.

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So independent verification corroborates the age of the scrolls.

The reliability of paleography as a dating method is thus confirmed.

By using 165 BCE as the date of authorship, any prophecy before that date would be considered to be like writing about past events.

But how do we know that the Dead Sea Scrolls are credible?

Four trustworthy methods have been used to unerringly date when the Dead Sea Scrolls were written.


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