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It was on those walks that we discovered a new shop "Peet's Coffee, Tea and Spices" on Virginia Street.The incredible scent coming out of this shop drew us in, and the man behind the counter (Mr.When you need a break and a caffeine buzz, Peet’s Coffee & Tea provides an escape in the heart of campus with inviting seating and big windows.The location just inside the first floor doors makes it easy to grab a quick cold brew or linger over a latte.When I going out I have to locate my PEETS wherever I go. My husband and I moved from Michigan to California in 1985. I was in a co-op in New Hampshire looking for a new coffee to try and picked up a bag of Peet's because it looked local and community focused, like Peet was someone I'd meet if I walked into the store.We both stopped at the Peets on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland and had our first cup of French Roast. Two years later I moved to Berkeley, just a few blocks from the original storefront and now it really is my community's coffee joint.I didn't get the job but they won a customer for life.

Needless to say, I got hooked and no other coffee would do once I got the taste for Peet's. I have many, many meetings there with clients and friends. On a trip to California my father discovered Peet's Coffee. Peet's Major Dickinson was regularly shipped home so my father could brew the perfect cup.I buy only French Roast Beans from PEET'S and I watch, as the years go by, the changing staff. As I stood with my dad at the counter, I wiggled up to the front and asked for my own drink.My dad must have swelled with pride to have created another enthusiast.After moving to Nevada I often visited the Bay Area (always bought a good supply of coffee) and then I became a part time mail-order customer in 1975. I can't live without Peet's Coffee at home, on the road and on the trail.! To this day, I still mail order my Peets from the roaster in Emeryville. After I moved back to Davis, to pursue graduate school in 2011, I discovered that my favorite former haunt had been purchased by Peet's Coffee.Going to Peet's in North Berkeley with my mom on summer mornings in the late 1960s when I was a teenager. It was not long before Peet's became my new favorite place to study, in the evenings.This was before baristas and gourmet shops were the trend.


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    I’ve been on “guy dates” with people I like — maybe I met them through my kids or on an assignment or whatever — but all too often those are one and done. We’ll go have that beer, and we’ll spend that beer talking about how we’re overscheduled and never get to hang with our friends, vaguely making plans to do something again, though we both know it’s probably not going to happen — certainly not the grand “Let’s hike the Appalachian Trail” ideas that start getting thrown out after the third beer. When female friends are talking to each other, they do it face to face.