Playstation 3 updating problems

If you are playing on a PC, then any controller mapping must be done on the PC.The settings on the PS4 only apply to DS4 controllers that are paired with the PS4." Unable to find Wi-Fi after update — Some players have said that they are not able to find their Wi-Fi after the update installation and some have received error codes.Obvious by name, the power issue is associated with turning off and on of the console.According to the report, consoles effected by this issue turn off unexpectedly during the time of operation and while a game is being played.Sony recently released a new system update 3.50 for Play Station 4 that was expected to bring several social features, Remote Play support for PC and Mac.The update was supposed to make the user experience better, however, some console users have complained of issues they had to face following its installation.This is how you perform a hard reset for the console.Just make sure when you disconnect the power cord, there is no white or blue light.

Gaming website, Gamepur has shared a few fixes for the issues.According to the latest report by Fixya, a do-it-yourself (DIY) community that suggests simple DIY solutions for electronic devices and consoles’ problems and issues, Play Station 4 issues and problems are getting aggravating.Countless of the total 30 million members of Fixya community have reported issues that are not as serious as red ring of death, blue light of death, console catching fire etc. Collecting the data regarding the nature of these issues, Fixya culled the most reported Play Station 4 issues and problems, and provided some DIY solutions to these problems.The crowd for next-gen consoles upon their release was greater than ever.Both Sony and Microsoft pulled off the launch of their consoles successfully and since then, both Play Station 4 and Xbox One consoles are selling by the truckload.Below are the top 5 most reported Play Station 4 issues.


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