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By the way, Dear Pluto and Heaps Gay have also brought their Sydney sell-out Speed Gays event to Melbourne too.

A singles event with a party punch, you can expect a super fun night thats light-hearted.

I’ve seen hundreds of people date, fall in love, drunkenly hook up never to meet again.

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Their aim, to promote a slower way of living and to buy consciously.

In Melbourne, the host will be One Thousand Pound Bend in Little Lonsdale Street, which Daniels describes as her "dream speed dating venue"."It's down a lane way, with a big painted frontage and huge industrial doors.

There's a café, which opens into a warehouse space with skylights and a bar, and out the back is a little old chapel with a disco ball."There'll be two speed dating events there – the first, on Wednesday 5 October, will be for straight singles and the second, on Thursday 6 October, will be for LGBTQI.

The truth is, the more options someone is given, the more likely they are to feel overwhelmed and not choose anything at all. And yet, I’d hazard a guess to say you have more than twenty matches sitting in your Tinder/Happn/Grindr inbox.

There used to be a time when you had to choose from the ten eligible bachelors in your town, or rely on your social circle or family to meet someone (still the case in many places in the world).


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