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I called my accountant, Arty Erk, and asked him to transfer five hundred dollars into my ATM account so I could have spending cash for the club, Mobb Deep kept all our real money in a business account that we couldn't touch, so when we wanted money, we made transfers through our accountant. Havoc wasn't at the studio, but our engineer Fly was ther with Nyce. Bungalow 8 looked like some tropical jungle type sh*t inside, a predominantly white crowd sprinked with blacks and latinos. Lindsay's friends were wearing Mardi Gras- looking white masks, drunk and dancing crazily to rap music. ""Two shots of Hennessey on ice," I told him, since we were on a tight budget."Man, I'm hooking you up with a bottle on the house," the bartender offered.

I told Nyce about Lindsay's invitation and asked him to come along. Lindsay introduced me to her a.ssistant; we poured drinks and started dancing while Nyce danced with one of the mysterious masked ladies. I thanked him for the bottle- he saved us from looking stupid- and we walked back to VIP...

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I saw her looking at her blackberry after a while and her mood changed.Prodigy first broke out onto the music scene with Mobb Deep in the 1990s.Along with Havoc, the duo participated in various high profile feuds, having high-profile rivalries with rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Prodigy launched his solo career in 2000, releasing multiple mix-tapes and albums, his most recent release being the January record Hegelian Dialectic.Celebrities seen at the private service included LL Cool J, Ice T, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Remy Ma and Prodigy's Mobb Deep partner, Havoc, according to the New York Daily News.50 Cent was among those to deliver a eulogy at the private service, which also included performances from a band and spoken word artists.Those on hand paid homage to the late Hey Luv (Anything) artist, as his friend, rapper Darryl Bynoe, told the paper he felt that Prodigy's 'music was timeless.'He was one of the first rappers I heard who were making direct parallels about stuff going on in my neighborhood,' Bynoe told the paper, adding, 'He's going to be on the Mount Rushmore of rap - hands down.'Fan Jamil Lindsey echoed such sentiments, stressing that Prodigy had his finger on the pulse 'of what young black teenagers were going through in the '90s.'He told the publication, 'He rapped about the system, the streets.'Speaking with the AP last year, Prodigy opened up about how he was forever changed after spending about three years in custody following a weapons conviction in 2007.'It made me realize the gravity, the reality of having everything taken from you,' he said. Campbell Funeral Chapel in New York City on Thursday.


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