Racism in speed dating

Protest and shut down Joey Gibson, alt-right thug and founder of Portland-based Patriot Prayer Tues. , Police Brutality, Public Education, Rape and Sexual Assault, Sanctuary, Social Justice, UC Berkeley VICTORY!

Yiannopoulos and his alt-right thugs were dealt a humiliating defeat at UC Berkeley today.

It’s our job as men to increase our options and choice with women, not to limit ourselves to a small spectrum of them.

Alert: Mobilize to defend Muslim and immigrant students! Gibson announced his intention to gather more white supremacists on Sproul Plaza Tues. Last time he came to Berkeley was on [...] Affirmative Action, BAMN, Dream Act, Featured, Fighting Racism, Immigrants Rights, Islamophobia, Labor Movement, LGBT, Napolitano Out Now!The movement successfully defended the campus and each other in action.Berkeley stands strong today as a national model for what it means to be a sanctuary, and how to build the Resistance to defeat the alt-right, the fascists, and [...] From BAMN UC-Berkeley (updated Saturday 9/23 at 8PM): We are winning, and now it’s time to seal our victory!If you thought your chances offline were bad, it’s worse on these sites.For one thing, the girls get hit on CONSTANTLY – anything you’re going to say to them has been said already, and probably several times that day.And then, you actually have to meet the girl in real life – so if your social skills aren’t up to par because you spent all that time online, then you’re screwed.


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