Restart google chrome to finish updating port pirie dating site

No option exists to "re-check" for browser installs, AFAIK.

New Info: I just learned that when I go to "About Google Chrome" to check for updates it says: @Matthew Steeples Actually, I don't know where to go for the logs (unless you're just talking about the regular Windows logs), but I have found out more about this and will post more in my question.

Things I have tried I did a quick reboot to see if that fixed anything, but it does not.

Checked Chrome to make sure I am signed in (not that I think that would make a difference, but it would show something else out of the ordinary happening).

Personalization and customization options include Chrome themes, apps and extensions.

Once downloaded and installed, a notification will display that Chrome is Nearly up-to-date! To complete the update, click the Relaunch button to relaunch the web browser application.

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I could redo the shortcut, of course, but what about for Web Matrix?It seems this does have something to do with updates not fully completing (and thus not removing the old version)[email protected] Bristol Yeah, I loves me some CCleaner (except the fact that they ABSOLUTELY force you to have a stupid toolbar you have to clean up after install these days, but I already have it installed on mine anyway...).Are you suggesting this because of my workaround or instead of my workaround?Chrome is known for being a light-weight and fast web browser.It uses a minimalistic user interface, such as the combination of the web browser’s address bar and search field into a single field called the omnibox. I click it and it does not open a dialog to prompt my password.


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