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Read more » September 03, 2009 In his Huffington Post review of our new release of Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, Mike Miley notes that “Akerman was twenty-five years old when she made .

Franco Elica is a dissolute movie director who slides into despair after being asked - to his horror - to make a film.

Hoping to avoid a looming sexual-harassment scandal, Franco flees to Sicily where he hides out and meets a host of colorful characters: a man who makes his living shooting wedding films, a film director who is faking his own death to finally achieve fame, and a cultured Prince.

The menacing Prince, a huge fan of Franco's movies, commissions him to shoot the wedding of his tempestuous daughter, Bona, with whom Elica quickly falls impulsively, dangerously in love and whose wedding he becomes driven to sabotage at all costs.

Beneath the film's farcical surface is a scathing vision of a cinema in decline: As the cinema goes, so goes the nation - The Wedding Director is an implicit indictment of a moribund country and a wake-up call for revitalization, peering into the looking-glass to produce a self-reflexive satire of the world of filmmaking.


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