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When a doctor or nurse would come into the room and ask where that I thought that I was, I would read off the white board which included the date, day of the week, location, and nurse’s name.After I went home, someone slept with me for the first two weeks.I could not use the TV remote, microwave, or air conditioner/heater. I left boiling water on the stove while I fell asleep for 3 hours. When I returned to work, the work I did before seemed foreign and unfamiliar. For the first time in the past five years, I believe I have a future. It's been two years and I'm still trying to sort out what was real and what wasn't.I drove my car at night and had trouble finding my way home. I still think about it several times a week and continue to ask questions of my family.I believed I had been moved into various parts of the hospital, including the basement.I misinterpreted environmental cues and attempts to help me were interpreted as meanness.At discharge, the Neuropsychological Evaluation (NP) revealed significant deficits.

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I saw outlines of skeletons on the wall, heard strange sounds, etc.

I appealed to my insurance for a second NP evaluation by the psychologist at the hospital.

It revealed deficits in attention and executive function.

I have a compelling need to know what happened to me.

The final diagnosis was ARDS and Encephalopathy, however; they never determined the cause.


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