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YSA’s from around the world joined online and in congregations to be part of this conversational setting where they could ask even the most difficult questions and receive unscripted answers from Elder Holland; Elder Donald L.Hallstrom, a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Sister Carole M.“ Elder Holland warned the Young Adults, “You don’t have to be hasty and you don’t have to have peptic ulcers over getting married, but you also should not hold back on a good thing. “When we got married we had 0 between us…We had each other and faith and prayer and the gospel and we were crazy about each other and on three hundred dollars we went for broke. Don’t wait until you have a job or a home or a car or two or three.

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Sister Stephens said that anything that’s good comes from the Spirit.You can just be movingly happy in all the right ways for all the right reasons.“I want everybody to dismiss the idea that somehow this is a mountain that can’t be climbed, it’s a river that can’t be crossed, that there are too many difficulties to address marriage in this day or any day.They are not the exception.” He said that though it is easy to find difficult marriages, we are surrounded by people with happy marriages.“Sister Holland and I are living proof and testimonials to you all that you cannot just be happy, you can be ecstatically happy.Elder Holland said, “Surely there must be someone in this vast international, global audience who wants to be free from sin. Surely there must be someone in this audience that needs to hear that.” Here’s a sampling of some of the questions and answers from the evening, but whether you are a YSA or not, this is a Spirit-filled event worth watching here.


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    While the city was growing into a big one, it was also developing as the educational centre as well.

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