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I had wanted to make a Polish Chandelier since I bookmarked Laura Normandin’s a few years ago and then I was at Tail of the Yak and they had a giant one in the window.I was so inspired it went to the top of my crafting wish list. I went around the house all day saying “I think thats the prettiest thing I’ve ever made”.

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I found out about it through some friends and wanted to explore it.

I love chlodnik – a traditional cold beetroot soup, based on buttermilk, pierogis with chanterelles – actually everything with chanterelles!

And of course “drożdżówki”- sweet, buttery, yeast buns with cheese and crumble, I guess I could write a poem on them.

I stopped the project after a few months and started university, but I missed the atmosphere pretty soon after I stopped.

I also started missing my Polish culture and food (after three years in Berlin).


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