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She had commented (not unkindly) that my erections are not as hard or 'elevated' as they use to be and it is true but they are still 'usable'.They are usually 'automatic' but sometimes take a little, but not much, persuasion.

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I love watching and it keep me horny for my younger hubby.makes me sad to see the amount women missing out on sex. Please educate me thanks and ENJOY Good input for men that are approaching their 70's. Sex is great and you have to keep the passion going for both male and female.Anyway I love that you masturbate so often but, do you still orgasm if you do not ejaculate? I have a real interest in both sexes and all the elements that make up the drive for good orgasm.My 'lasting' ability has increased somewhat - up to 15/20 minutes during sex but I prefer it to happen faster from masturbation.She has also commented, when she 'brings me off', that my ejaculations are not as copious or 'powerful as they use to be, again true.You did not say what age you are, but anyway talk to her about the reasons she is refusing you sex, no man should be in your position. In a few days we intend doing a penile insertion with a condom which we are hoping will give us both sexual satisfaction of normal penetration until we orgasm. I think oral is a great tool to use in the sex session along with the wife doing a hard stroke handjob to make you shoot cum everywhere.


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