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Scope The Franklin program is particularly designed to help meet the costs of travel to libraries and archives for research purposes; the purchase of microfilm, photocopies, or equivalent research materials; the costs associated with fieldwork; or laboratory research expenses.Franklin grants are made for noncommercial research.Grants will not be made to replace salary during a leave of absence or earnings from summer teaching; pay living expenses while working at home; cover the costs of consultants or research assistants; or purchase permanent equipment such as computers, cameras, tape recorders, or laboratory apparatus.Deadlines For applications and two letters of support: October 2, 2017 for a January 2018 decision for work in February 2018 through January 2019 December 1, 2017 for a March 2018 decision for work in April 2018 through January 2019 APS/British Academy Fellowship for Research in London In collaboration with the British Academy, the APS offers an exchange postdoctoral fellowship for a minimum of one and a maximum of two months’ research in the archives and libraries of London during 2018.So to me, those conversations and those feelings are personal, they’re private to our team.” Franklin believes in the right of his players to express their opinions on social topics as long as they’re thoughtful about them and respect their teammates’ views. We’re able to have really good discussions as a family.There’s guys that are voicing their opinions with their teammates face-to-face.

Candidates should specify that they are asking for the British Academy Fellowship and apply by October 2; applicants not selected for the British Academy Fellowship will be considered for a Franklin Research Grant.“I do have strong feelings as a United States citizen.I do have strong feelings as a college football coach and I have very strong feelings as an African-American.APS/Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Fellowship for Research in Edinburgh In collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh, the APS offers a visiting fellowship of between two and four months for research in Edinburgh in the calendar year 2018 in any aspect of the humanities and social sciences.To maximize the benefits of the fellowship, applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule their visit to overlap with one of the two main teaching semesters (January–March and September–December).“Hearing these different opinions shows the diversity of our team and shows how many different guys we have that come from different backgrounds and have so many beliefs and opinions.


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