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The clerics issued a fatwa banning the novel and accused Haidar of heresy and offending Islam.

It was also a Garden State Teen Book Award nominee.) (Was originally to be published by Simon and Schuster, but they withdrew after protests from the National Organization of Women calling the book "dangerously misogynistic." The New York Times headlined a review of the book "Don't Buy This Book." Sale and purchase of this book was banned in the Australian State of Queensland.Louis Park High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota [2007] as required reading for sophomores.Retained in the Manchester, Connecticut School District [2008] with the requirement that teachers attend seminars on how to deal with issues of race before teaching the book in their classrooms.)(Banned in Egypt and several other Arab states, and even resulted in a belated angry reaction from the clerics of Al-Azhar University upon reprinting in Egypt in the year 2000.The book won the Chicago Sun Times Carl Sandburg Literary Award and was designated as a New York Times notable book."Violence and sex." "Pornographic and offensive in its stereotyping of Latinos.") (Challenged in the Ravenna, Ohio schools [2007] because, "What we kept finding and going over was sexual content and profanity," said the complainant.Joseph, Missouri [2006] after parents complained it had homosexual undertones.


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