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Prosecutors also charged her with soliciting someone to kill that witness scheduled to testify against her.The jurors deadlocked on that count but found her guilty of threatening the witness.Rodriguez was sentenced to death in Los Angeles County on November 1, 2010.

But Pounders called the baby's death a "calculated murder" that reflected Rodriguez's "desire to murder family members for financial gain." Jurors convicted Rodriguez of murder in October, along with the special allegations that she killed her husband for financial gain and used poison as the murder weapon.

Those allegations made her eligible for the death penalty.

After returning a verdict of death in November, during the trial's penalty phase, jurors said they were influenced by Rodriguez's lack of remorse. Rodriguez apologized for lying and pointing the finger at somebody else, but said without emotion, "I don't have remorse for a murder I didn't do." The case automatically goes to the California Supreme Court on appeal.

"Her relentlessness in her effort to pursue her goals was matched only by her stupidity," Sortino said Monday.

During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Rodriguez had complained to a friend about her marital problems and talked of killing her husband instead of divorcing him in order to receive the life insurance money.


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