Sexy conversation in chat

Here are 5 things you can talk about that will definitely help find common ground between both of you. The place both of you met is a perfect way to get to know each other without getting personal too soon.Talk about where you are, and about things you see all around you. Work is rather impersonal and a good conversation topic to talk about in the first few minutes.If your new friend feels awkward, chances are, they’d want to slip away from you as soon as possible or they’d be praying for you to leave them alone.

As you talk about work, try to involve other activities into your questions by saying something like “your work seems rather hectic, you must be doing something to blow off steam during the weekends…” A good conversationalist always tries to merge one conversation topic into another without going off in a tangent, bouncing from one different topic to another.

“I’m glad I met you here, or this place would be such a bore.” Saying something nice will help the person to warm up better to you.

A compliment or two is a pleasant break from the typical conversation of questions and answers.

But as annoying as those first few minutes are, it is those very few minutes that will turn out to be the biggest judge of your conversation skills.

After all, first impressions are made of first conversations.


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