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For a jam packed 30 minutes, Cat & Nat bring women together to have informative, inspirational, and hilarious discussions about all the hot topics moms want to know about!

Social Common Live’s season premiere is all about hating husbands and the struggle with weight loss.

Catherine and Natalie are also joined by Bikini Body Mommy Briana Christine, who talks about the challenge of losing pregnancy weight after baby.

Matt, 31, recalls the planning that went into his first child with wry bewilderment.He did still have a lot of love for the fans - those who weren't shouting at his girlfriend - taking to Twitter later to thank everyone for their support.It's not all doom and gloom, some lucky 1D fans have been treated to a surprise glimpse of the boys online, on the saucy site Chatroulette.Also, I had to ‘save my sperm’ as my girlfriend thought they’d be more powerful and healthier if they were ‘dying to get out’.I used to joke that I was purely being used as a stud.” Now the proud father of Jonah, 11 months, Tom says sex has returned to what it was before the family planning began.The first episode of our new series features relationship therapist Dr.


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