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I’ve had a heart transplant, 14 back surgeries and a knee replacement, and Minnie Driver isn’t helping my health,' said Perelmutter Perelmutter also claims she has been lobbing construction materials onto his property, speeding her car at workers, yelling 'all manner of obscenities,' and even blocking his workers' access to the property for up to eight hours at a time in court papers.

The Riches star stated in documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court the Perelmutter told her to 'f**k off and die' on several occasions, and twice jumped out in front of her car, forcing her to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

Numerous other prominent prehistoric sites are located nearby, notably Wayland's Smithy, a long barrow less than 2 kilometres (1 mi) to the west.

The Uffington is by far the oldest of the white horse figures in Britain, and is of an entirely different design from the others.

It has long been debated whether the chalk figure was intended to represent a horse or some other animal, such as a dog or a sabre toothed cat.

Whitehorse Hill is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

It is similar to horses depicted on Celtic coinage, the currency of the pre-Roman-British population, and on the Marlborough Bucket (an Iron Age burial bucket found in Marlborough, Wiltshire).

Alternatively, University of Southampton archaeologist Joshua Pollard points to the horse's alignment with sun, particularly in midwinter when the sun appears to overtake the horse to indicate that it was created as a depiction of a "solar horse", reflecting mythological beliefs that the sun was carried across the sky on a horse or in a chariot.

Instead, she came out ranting and screaming for the truck to be moved.

Livid: 'She has made my life a living hell - she is constantly harassing me.


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