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Cornhill (Map: D-10) - Well-known thouroughfare in The City named for a corn market once held there.Dodson and Fogg have offices "on a ground floor front of a dingy house, at the furthest end of Freeman's Court, Cornhill ( Covent Garden (Map: D-6) - District of London named for a fruit, vegetable and flower market designed by Inigo Jones in 1632. David Copperfield bought flowers for Dora in the market and attends Julius Caesar at the theatre ( Crystal Palace (Map: F-1) - The exhibition hall built in Hyde Park by Joseph Paxton for the Great Exhibition of 1851.The Adelphi (Map: D-6) - Elegant housing complex along the Thames built by the Adam brothers in the 1760s and torn down in the 1930s. David Copperfield lodges in Mrs Crupp's house here ( Astley's Royal Equestrian Amphitheatre (Map: F-7) - Popular outdoor amphitheatre which mixed theatre with circus including equestrian performances.Robert Astley, who opened the theatre in 1774, is considered a pioneer of the modern circus.It is referred to in Dickens' works as a well to do area of London. James's Palace; but it is not pretended that it is." ( The Borough (Map: F-10) - Area south of London bridge in Southwark.It was at the White Hart Inn, in the Borough, that Pickwick meets Sam Weller and Pickwick and Wardle catch up with Jingle and Rachael after their mad dash to be married ( Buckingham Palace (Map: F-3) - Built by John Sheffield, 1st duke of Buckingham, in 1703.Photo - Displays photos of the location Wikipedia - Additional information on that location in Wikipedia See this page for London locations listed by novel Map last updated April 2014 Note: This map and the information it contains is by no means meant to be all-inclusive or complete.

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The Plornish family lives here and the factory owned by Doyce and Clennam was here ( Bond Street (Map: D-3) - Area of Fashionable shops in Northwest London. Grewgious is considering renting for Rosa, says "It is not Bond Street nor yet St.

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In Dickens' time the City was evolving from a residential area to a banking and finance center, the former residents moving to the western and northern suburbs and commuting to the City as mass transportation was introduced.

Scrooge ( Cliffords Inn (Map: C-8) - Clifford's Inn was previously an Inn of Chancery.


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